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January 19, 2012

I heart my kitchen rooster

I am not sure when my obsession for chickens and roosters started but I’ve been fond of them for a long time…especially in kitchen decor.

If it wasn’t for my level-headed husband who quite often “pulls me back” in the decor area I am sure that my kitchen would be littered with statues, serving dishes, and pictures of my fine feathered friend. I will also admit I have romanticized the notion of having my own live collection of chickens, at my French countryside cottage….along with some goats and sheep.

I do try to sneak in some poultry decor items every once in a while, my white porcelain chicken & rooster salt and pepper shakers  are so cute and no matter the occasion they are always welcome to adorn my table. Prior to painting the house Driftwood Grey , I had painted picture of a few chickens and a rooster pecking at some grass in very Van Gogh style, but after the paint job the colors in the painting just didn’t flatter the paint on the wall.

While browsing Apartment Therapy one morning I found an article on kitchen art and came across my new love. Le Coq. He was perfect and I quickly thought of how I could recreate him.

I recreated him using cardstock, cutting out all the pieces and assembled them to make him the size I needed (poster sized). Instead of cutting out the white rectangular pieces for his chest I used an exacto knife and cut out the rectangular pieces out of the red cardstock. He turned out better than I thought and is a welcome addition to my kitchen.

I knew I didn’t want to back him onto just white paper, I envisioned a linen or some sort of textured fabric but in my laziness I never made it to the fabric store. So as an experiment I simply turned over the poster frame insert and to my delight it was the same shade as linen. He looked fantastic against the linen shade so I closed it up and my husband mounted him into the wall.

I am so happy with the end result and with the money saved. All in (supplies and poster frame, which I got on sale 55% off) I spent $25. A steal for a substantial piece of art for a kitchen.

December 3, 2011

Diy throw pillows…updating our “look”

We’ve recently repainted our entire house. Its a project I have thought about starting for over 3 years now but never had the guts to actually start, mostly due to our vaulted ceilings in our front entry, which was challenging but we finally did it . The end result is miraculous (compared to the color blocking  of dark teal, chocolate brown and tan we had previously in builder basic matte paint) and so refreshing.

I feel like now, after 4 years of being in our home, I can style it in a way that represents me. We’ve painted the whole house a fantastic shade of blue-grey, Martha Stewart’s Driftwood Grey and I have always loved the combination of blue-grey, white and red accents. Its the perfect mix (for me) of an updated neutral with bold accents. I have a feeling I will be changing the color accents as the seasons change (I have ants in my pants and I don’t like keeping things the same for too long) but for now red is where I want to be (perfect for the holidays!)

At a recent trip to the fabric store (to get fabric to make slip covers for our dark brown “cracked” pleather parsons chairs) I took a peek into the remnants bin and found myself some red remnants, a deep red Shantung silk, bright red felt and a cherry red poly blend (buy 1 get 2 free…great deal! I spent $7 total). I immediately knew what I wanted to do with the felt, make a ruffled felt throw pillow. I don’t remember exactly where I saw my original inspiration for the felt pillow but here is a link to a tutorial.

I heart felt ruffle pillows

I love the pop of color the pillows bring to the great room, slowly its transforming to a space that represents my taste. I even had left over fabric to make some stockings (together with a Stampin’Up! christmas fabric I recently bought during the online extravaganza sale, I’ll post on those later).