Back from hiatus 

Once upon a time I had a blog where I wrote about my crafty/home projects, 4 years ago to be exact. I’ve had a craving to update and continue writing since I finished nursing school over a year ago…that craving turned to a need once I became pregnant with our 3rd child late last year (more on that in a future post;)

A lot has changed in 4 years. We moved to a much smaller home, about half the square footage we once had, in order to get through nursing school. This taught us to live simpler, it is amazing how little you “need” when you just don’t have the space to keep stuff. I have learned to love a purge…like more than I probably should. I feel so much lighter after I throw away a ton of crap that was collecting dust and hasn’t been touched in over a year.

I successfully completed an accelerated Bachelor of Nursing degree in 3 years. It was hard, like really hard. It was for sure the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. Nursing school consumed every moment of my life for 3 years. My husband was incredibly supportive and my kids didn’t forget who I was…and I have the most amazing job as a result of my hard work. 

Once I finished nursing school and my time was my own again I wanted to update this blog…but I lacked the “spark” to create or work on something. I didn’t think I had anything to write about until I got pregnant again and I had this intense need to share my pregnancy experiences.

So here I am, not sure where the direction of this blog is going to go. 

I still love home decorating and updating projects, probably more than ever since we live in a house that needed our “touch” in every room. At the same time I have this need to share the realities of my pregnancy and having a newborn again after 5 years. 

So maybe I am just going to write until I find my groove again.


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