house tour

House tour

Long time no post, but with the craziness that came over our home in the last month, I just had no time for blog posts.

We sold our home recently, and are now in the process of finding and bidding on a new home. The real estate market in our city is insane, with most homes on the market going into bidding wars and selling for (on average) $20 000 over asking price, its been and continues to be a very stressful process.

I thought, with our home being staged for showings, I would take advantage of its pristine state and takes pics and post a current home tour. Although the move for us is necessary and equally exciting I am a tad sad to be leaving our current house. Finally, after 4 years it reflects me and my taste perfectly. Its pretty and feminine, which is what I have always loved in decor but it look a long time to finally figure out my personal decor style. Typical that it all came together right before listing our home, but that seems to always be the case with me;)

Now on with the tour. First is my kitchen. When we first bought this house, this was my dream kitchen (mind you, I was only 25 years old;) Despite my issues with the cabinets (I have learned that pot drawers are the way to go for storage) I still love this kitchen. The cabinets are sooooo easy to clean and I love that they are white. The beadboard detailing was my favorite and still continues to be. I would most definitely choose this style of cabinet again with the exception of a different configuration of bottom cabinets. I had the opportunity to have a gas range in this house…it will be hard to leave my beloved range behind, I love to cook and gas is the best way to do that.


The dining room took a long time to “complete” after we initially moved into this home. We didn’t have a full dining room set till about 9 months into living in this house. I have an attachment to this table, I grew up with a round table and I would never want anything different. It can seat 8 people comfortably and we have had 10 people sit at it and be able to eat their meals without rubbing elbows.

Our living room has always been a challenging area for me.  I refuse to hang a tv above any mantel, so we were left with the little cubby-like space in the built-in’s which leaves the tv at the mercy of sticky fingers. Plus its annoying watching tv almost at ground level, but with little open wall space there was never a place to hang it on the wall. I would have preferred an armoire but we just didn’t have the right spot for it. I also always found my over-sized mantel to be a constant challenge for me because I like to change things up often…which is hard when you are working with such a large space. I do love fireplaces though, and I will forever want one. Someone once told me that it would lose its appeal shortly after living with it (after we moved it) and I couldn’t disagree more. I would turn it on almost every night in the winter and I will miss it dearly when we move:(

The nursery will always hold a special place in my heart…its where I spent many many many hours nursing and just cuddling my babies in the middle of the night. Although sleep deprivation is hard, I can say that I loved being up with them in the wee hours of the night just silently looking at them. Its moments like those that I will always hold dear:)

Our master bedroom was the first area in our home that I repainted. I went for a blue grey but it has more blue than grey. Not my favorite color but a whole lot better than the builder original matte chocolate-brown and taupe paint. The best feature of this room is the “sitting nook” by the windows…really, a place for laundry to gather but nice none the less.

Spencer’s room was never fully finished decor wise, and the bathrooms are well…bathrooms so I spared posting those. I still had a million projects I wanted to complete in this house but one of my “must-haves” for the new house is for it to “need a little love”, so although I didn’t truly finish decorating this home to its full potential I am sure our new home will more than make up for it.


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