Home Decor

framed fabric art

I desperately wanted to use up the fantastic fabric I used to make my envelope pillow covers so I chose to frame it and use it as art in our master bedroom.

I knew I wanted the frames to be pretty large in scale, I wanted the frames to sit above our headboard which is up against a large (bare until now) wall in our bedroom. I came across the perfect frames for the job at a local Salvation Army. I found 2 identical thin brass frames, framing some random art but I saw past the brass and the landscape art and took note of the size of the frames. I knew they would look great with some slight modifications.

The first thing I did was deconstruct the 20×24″ frames. As I started taking them apart I learned that I had scored the easiest type of art frame, a pinch style (it pinches over the edge of the cardboard backing, art and glass) and is in one continuous piece. I sprayed the brass plastic frame with black satin finish spray paint and it looked 100 times better.

I knew I wanted the fabric to be matted in the frame, and I entertained the idea of going to buy matting and cutting it down to size but when I flipped the original prints over I realized the back of the landscape print was perfect to make matting out of.

I simply measured 3.5″ from the top and bottom and 3″ from the sides. I then used my exacto knife and a ruler to cut the “matting” just inside the lines I marked. Walla….free matting.

I then taped my fabric, choosing a different section of the fabric for each frame, to the matting and reassembled my frames. They were perfect.

The frames cost me $5.99 each, a fraction of what new 20×24″ frames would have cost and it adds much-needed color to our bedroom…plus I used up the leftover fabric that I loved so much.


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