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2 tone painted mdf letters

Last summer I purchased raw mdf letters to spell out Oliver’s name at a local farmer’s market. I had planned on placing them on the wall but for almost a year I was at a loss on how to finish them. I toyed with the idea of decoupaging them with scrapbook paper but never got around to choosing a paper pattern that I would be happy with.

I recently decided to change the color scheme of Oliver’s nursery (we kept the pale aqua blue paint, from when it was Spencer’s nursery, but didn’t love the sage green accents I chose shortly after Oliver was born). I decided to accent the aqua with navy blue and yellow accessories. Its fresh looking and the yellow is very happy against the navy and aqua.

Taking inspiration from Teal & Lime’s 2 toned monogram, I decided to paint the raw mdf letters with yellow and white acrylic craft paint.

I chose white for the front of the letters and for the edge’s to be yellow. It took 2 coats, but the paint dries very quickly, making this yet another 15 min. project….my favorite.

I chose to adhere the letters to the wall with velcro tape (that I happened to have on hand) that I cut down to fit the letters. This was a very simple and hole-free solution for placing his name on the wall and worked amazingly well.

I am so happy with the end result and although it took me almost a full year to finish the letters, I am glad I waited. It allowed me to choose a finish for them that I know I will be happy with for a long time.


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