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nursery wall mural

When I was pregnant with my first son (who is now 2 1/2) I had so much spare time I decided I wanted to paint a wall mural at the same level as his dresser/changetable…you know, so he had something to stare at while I changed his bum.


We chose this image (and you’ll have to forgive me but I don’t have the source…this was a project I did pre-blog so I didn’t keep the original or source). It’s a silhouette of a jungle scene. The animals are recognizable but still animated and I loved that it was a silhouette. Spencer’s original nursery was very muted, with a pale aqua blue on the wall, antique white furniture and chocolate-brown accents. His crib bedding I had made based on a crib skirt I bought from Pottery Barn Kids (they don’t carry the exact one I have anymore but this one is very similar). It was a hotel bedding style crib skirt and I made his crib quilt and accent pillow to match.

To get this image on the wall I used a very simple technique that will allow you to transfer any image you like onto the wall. I printed out the image (onto an 8.5 x 11 paper) and enlarged the image by 250%. That enlargement won’t print out onto a single sheet of paper so I moved the original around and printed it out in sections. I then taped the sections together, matching up the image (like a puzzle) and tape it onto the wall. I traced the outline of the image onto the wall with a ball point pen, pressing pretty firmly in order to transfer the outline onto the wall.

You could also transfer the image with transfer paper, which you can find in pretty large pieces at an art supply store but my version is the cheap one that requires nothing but your enlarged image, some tape and a ball point pen….and paint of course.

I then started painting in the animals. This took the most time by far, like a couple of days (the outlining &  filling in). I also chose a pretty complicated image. It looks like it would be easy because it’s a silhouette but it is quite intricate with all the leaves and such.

We kept the same wall color and mural for our 2nd sons nursery as well, so the mural is getting double the love. I have changed the accent colors in the room so it has a completely different feel then Spencer’s original nursery and I will post on a few more projects in Oliver’s nursery soon.


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