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little mister party

Oliver’s birthday has come and gone and the lucky little man got to celebrate with 2 parties, one for family and one for his pint-sized friends.

The family celebration was quiet and simple, I hung up the tissue paper pom poms and hung the birthday banner but other than that is was pretty low-key.

For Olli’s friend party, we threw it at the Manitoba Children’s Museum.¬†It was the perfect venue. Fun for the kids, and a lot less work for me. The kiddies were super entertained with our personal party host who kept them busy with a monkey search game and he did everything from help us bring in the food and cupcakes to cleaning up after us (once the party was done). It was wonderful and I highly recommend it.

The menu was pretty simple, I prepared everything at home and brought it with us. Since the party was at 9:30am, I initially struggled with what I could make ahead of time and serve for brunch but this is what I came up with.

Brown sugar glazed ham, cinnamon buns, fruit skewers, powdered donuts, bow tie pasta salad, orange juice and juice boxes.

Along with Oliver’s birthday cupcakes, I made marshmallow pops. I simply skewered large marshmallows with lollipop sticks, dipped them into white candy coating and rolled the ends in blue jimmies. The kids loved these and I made enough for the little ones to enjoy with their cupcakes and to take one home with their treat bags.

For the cupcakes, I sprinkled half of them with chocolate jimmies and the other half I placed a black mustache (which I simple cut out of black cardstock). They looked super cute and were very tasty…Oliver ate 2 of them.

For Oliver’s birthday banner, I used a variety of scrapbook paper that I felt had a “tie fabric” similarity and free hand cut the ties out. The letter’s were part of the party kit I purchased off the clearance rack at Stampin’Up!. I do admit that the banner looked a lot cuter hanging in our dining room window, but there wasn’t a whole lot of empty wall space in the party room at the museum so we were left having to hang it on the bottom half of the wall, underneath the tv screen mounted above it.

Now what little mister party is complete without the mandatory “mustache on a stick”. I freehand drew the mustache on cardstock, cut it out and used it as a template to create the mustaches, which were simply taped onto skewers.

For the give-aways, I loaded a plain brown paper bag with goodies, taped on a top note, tie stamped label to the front and sewed the bags closed on my sewing machine in white thread…for the contrast. I loved how simple they were but they still “tied” the whole theme together.

We had a great time and most importantly so did our little mister. Can’t believe he’s one.


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