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party decor – tissue paper pom poms

For Oliver’s parties, I made some tissue paper pom poms and hung them off our dining room light.

I have made them before, courtesy of Martha Stewart, for other parties and when we expected Oliver to come out a girl (we were pretty convinced until he came out a boy…go figure) I had made several in 2 shades of pink and red and had planned on creating a chandelier/mobile out of them for the nursery. Fast forward a year and here I am, making more tissue paper pom poms…in teal blue and white instead of pink and red.


They are deceptively easy to make, and cheap. Plus they are cute and fluffy…which I love.

I started with tissue paper in my choice of colors (I buy mine at the dollar store) and you can get 2 medium sized pom poms per 20 sheet package. For large pom poms, you will want to use all 20 sheets and for small pom poms you can go down to 7 or 8 sheets of tissue paper.


I accordion folded the tissue paper (1/2 inch folds) and tied a length of ribbon in the middle. Martha’s tutorial suggests using floral wire, which I have used, but I had this stuff on hand and it worked really well (as long as you don’t mind the ribbon showing). I then rounded off the edges of the accordion fold. You can snip the ends in a couple different ways and this makes the pom poms look slightly different from each other. I also created some with pointed ends and in the past, I have cut a scallop edge.


I then fanned out the accordion folds and began seperating the tissue paper layers, gingerly. Each layer gets pulled apart from the others, towards the middle and the further in you get, the easier it is to rip the tissue paper so although   seperating the layers goes quickly, you do have to get the feel of how much pressure to use while fluffing your pom pom. You also have to alter the sides you are pulling the tissue paper layers towards, pulling the layers towards the “poles” of your sphere. I will usually do 2 layers towards each pole, to keep the number if tissue paper layers even. (Once all the layers are seperated, I always go back and fluff it to fix it up a bit)


I always like to vary the sizes of pom poms as well as the colors. For the small size I accordian fold 8 sheets of tissue paper and then cut the accordian in half, tying the 2 individual folded pieces in the middle of each, creating 2 pom poms.


I also added some upside down balloons to my pom pom chandelier. I placed a glass marble inside the balloons before I blew them up to help weigh them down.

I do plan on reusing the pom poms in Oliver’s room, now that I have decided to change the color scheme in his nursery.


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