Oliver is one

Our Oliver turns 1 tomorrow and despite the joyous occasion, as with my birthdays(I just hate getting older) and Spencer’s, I always seem to be a little sad knowing that another year has gone by and my babies are getting older.

Spencer was only 18 months old when Oliver was born, and like any parents introducing a newborn to a busy toddler, we were worried about his reaction to his baby brother and if any jealousy would arise. We were extremely lucky that Spencer never ever showed any jealousy or anger towards Olli or us. We were so overjoyed with his genuine loving first response towards Oliver that Jon (my husband) posted it on his blog and I thought I would share the link and some tips for anyone introducing a new addition to an older sibling.

When we first found out we were expecting our 2nd child, Spencer wasn’t even a year old yet. Despite his age we talked about the baby growing in mummy’s belly all the time. We would point to the baby in my belly and before we knew it Spencer would point at my belly and say “baby” too. We also let Spencer pick out a babydoll from the toy store pretty early on in my pregnancy. We would practice changing the babies bum,  giving the baby a bottle and just mommy holding the baby while we read books and played. I had read that this type of play would ease the transition for Spencer and help him understand that mommy’s time will be split.

Once I went into labor (for real) and I delivered Oliver, we had decided it would be best that my husband be at home with Spencer, to keep his routine as normal as possible and to bring Spencer to visit me and Oliver a couple of times during the day. When Jon brought Spencer up for the first time to see us, I made him call up so to make sure I wasn’t holding Oliver when Spencer walked in, so I could greet him properly and then give Spencer the opportunity to see Oliver on his own time. We were pleasantly surprised when I got a quick hug and kiss and he immediately wanted to pick Olli up and give him hugs and kisses. He has been that loving towards his baby brother ever since. We do have some disputes over tractors but we are so lucky our boys are so good together and really enjoy each others company.

The video on Jon’s post is so heart warming and watching it brings back the very fond memories of that moment when our boys met for the first time


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