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paper mache eggs

As part of my Easter decor this year, I wanted to incorporate over-sized Easter eggs, to sit on top of my mercury glass pillar candle holders.

I decided to make myself a couple, out of paper mache.

I started out with 2 balloons ( I blew them up to the size I wanted my eggs to be), newspaper cut into 1/2 inch strips, and my paste (1 to  1 ratio of flour & water). I also had a couple of plastic cups to place the balloons in while I pasted on the newspaper strips.

Now, I didn’t remember paper mache from my childhood but it’s really messy. The 1 layer of newspaper I had on the table did NOT contain the excess paste from my table and I would recommend taping down a plastic bag or plastic tablecloth.

I then started dipping and squeezing out the excess paste mixture from the newspaper strips and applying them onto the balloons, making sure to get good coverage. I left a small opening at the top to later deflate and remove the balloons, after 24 hours of drying.

Once the paper mache was dry, I deflated the balloons and gave each one 2 coats of paint. I chose a pastel yellow (acrylic paint) and a robins eggs blue. I then tied some coordinating ribbon around the eggs (like a present, with a bow at the top to cover the small opening).

paper mache eggs

I placed the eggs on top of a nest of paper Easter grass on my mercury glass pillar candle holders. I think they are a very cute addition to my Easter decor and I’m sure the Easter bunny will love them as much as he’ll love his Easter tree;)


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