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easter tree

Although you see Easter tree’s everywhere now, I can only credit my mother as inspiration for mine. My mum is my inspiration for a lot in my life, but especially her frugal decorating savvy. I can vividly remember my mum painting an antique sleigh white, and using it in the most unconventional way… as a plant display. Other decorating favorites of mine were placing an empty picture frame over the thermostat and the bias cut drapes she created to pretty up the windows in our rented townhouse growing up. It’s no surprise that I now decorate with the same frugal mind my mother did back when I was a child. I was always taught that you can re-purpose, redo and create something with very little money and a creative mind…hence my dollar store Easter tree.

Now back to my Easter tree.  I’ve had one for a few years now, and although it is not nearly as impressive as my mum’s (her’s is always very large in scale, standing on the floor in a shabby chic concrete planter)…I think mine gets slightly better every year. I hope to, one day, have a tree large enough to place on the floor like my mum’s but for now a little one to sit on our mantel suits me just fine.

I started out with my picket fence basket and filled it with floral foam (dollar store). I then cut down my faux pussy willow branches (also a dollar store special;) to scale (for the basket).

I then covered the floral foam with moss (dollar store) and pulled out my Easter decorations for the tree. I fully intended on using my Big Shot to cut out embossed butterflies to adhere to the tree branches, along with my other decor but it seemed a little full once Spencer helped me place the miniature wood easter decorations and sparkled eggs on the tree. We did place some chicks in nests onto the grass though…which Spencer really enjoyed.

easter tree

Spencer was so proud to have helped and he even made sure to tell me that ” the Easter bunny will really like his tree”.  I am finding its much more fun decorating for holidays when I have help from my little monkeys…and I hope to pass down  my frugal decorating savvy to them.


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