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spring flower arranging

I have said before how much I love fresh flowers. I love the way they instantly add brightness and happiness to any space they adorn. I don’t really have a preference for a specific type of flower but I have a particular fondness for spring bulbs and flowering branches. We planted an ornamental cherry tree in our front yard last year…my mom used to have a great big one in her front yard when I was younger and I remember the gorgeous pink petals scattered across the front yard in the spring. Although we have had unusually warm weather for March, I am still anxiously awaiting the first signs of buds on my cherry tree and for the first pokes of green from my tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, daffodils and alliums.

how to plant a spring bulb garden

Lucky for me (as I wait for my tulips and other spring bulbs to emerge from the earth) spring flowers are cheap and I bring some home almost every week from the grocery store for my dose of bright and happy blooms.

colorful tulip Easter arrangement

For the tulip Easter arrangement above I used the same technique as my valentine’s arrangement. I filled a smaller cylindrical vase with water and the tulips and placed it into my hurricane vase. I then filled the space between the smaller vase and hurricane vase with jelly beans instead of valentine’s conversation hearts. Really, you can fill the space with anything small enough to fit, I’m thinking sand and little pebbles might be nice for a summer arrangement:)

I also received a lovely gift from one of the professors at work, a soon-to-be-beautiful bunch of daffodils.

I taped off my rectangular galvanized pot with regular scotch tape, to help my daffodils stand upright. This is a tip I learned from Martha years ago, it’s particularly useful when arranging flowers in short containers. I trimmed my daffodils and inserted 3 or 4 stems into each spot.


I hope this inspires you to add a pretty spring arrangement to your table top or mantel…before we can admire them outside.


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