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staircase gallery wall

I finally finished  updated our family gallery wall. It is located on the staircase wall, which is a huge space, and I tried to fill it as best I could.

I started with an assortment of black frames, that were already hung in the staircase but lacked personality. With a little updating and some other elements being added I brought this gallery wall up to snuff.

I chose the Emily A. Clark technique for creating a gallery wall. I started with my D (which was made for our wedding decor by a friend who has a metal manufacturing company)as the center point and I worked my way out, adding the picture frames and art frames in the spots I felt were best for filling the space.

updated gallery wall

One of my favorite elements (thanks to the ideas and inspiration post) was adding a little bit of art. I took 2 vintage frames that I had and disassembled them (and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of taking apart an old frame, you’ll know how many tiny nails you have to remove with!) The frames started out gold and the inner frame was a dark wood. To add a pop of color I painted the inner frame with my Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Craft Paint (a 1 to 1 mix of Pool and Wedding Cake) and I painted the outside frame a bright white. I made the art for the inside from the new Martha Stewart Stencils (from Micheals), the Wedding Cake craft paint and grey cardstock.

this is how the vintage frames started out

The rest of the picture frames that were originally black got a couple of coats of Krylon spray paint. This time I decided to splurge on the paint and primer in one…and I really liked it. Easy to use, good coverage and really quick drying time…which is very important to someone who will touch it every 10 minutes to see how dry it is.

view from the top of the stairs

I do plan on adding some more picture frames and to do something with the hideous wall sconce but until then I have decided to spray paint all our other frames (in the house). I think the white is clean and fresh and a nice change:)


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