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gallery wall….ideas and inspiration

On my list of projects to-do, is updating our gallery wall. We currently have one in the staircase going up to our second floor. Its…ummm lacking to say the least. I plan on tackling it this weekend ( and revealing it once its all done) but I thought I would share some great tutorials I have bookmarked as inspiration for revamping (or creating) a gallery wall.

bright and sunshiny - Perfect.

This gallery wall is just delightful. As you may have noticed, I am having a loving affair with yellow lately and everything about this make me smile. Jen, from Tatertots and Jello, started out with unfinished wood frames and with a little paint and some 3M picture hanging strips it came together to create this wonderful gallery. Love.  

white Ikea frames. Clean and classic.

This gallery wall from The House of Smiths is ideal. White frames and photos that are cohesive with the rooms color scheme…just perfect. Not likely going to happen with my gallery wall but I can dream.  

Great mix of art and photos.

This one is beautiful but what I love most about it is her technique. Emily, from Emily A. Clark, didn’t cut out templates of the frames in order to “arrange them” on the wall first. She just started in the middle and worked her way out. Now that’s my kind of technique. Who needs precision when you can eyeball it;) This fantastic gallery wall was featured on a “How to decorate” series that Homestories A 2 Z featured back in June last year….invaluable tips, worth checking it out. 

nice mix of frames and the H is gorgeous.

 This wall from Teal and Lime is linear and modern but the mix of white and wood frames makes it warm. I love the skeleton keys in the oval frame…definately on my project list.

 So the tips that I take away from the gallery walls I admire so much:

 – mix personal pictures and art pieces

– create templates of your frames to arrange on the wall


– choose a center focal point and work your way out (not gonna lie…probably gonna do it this way)

– use 3M picture hanging strips…so to not litter my wall with nail holes 

Stay tuned for my gallery wall update…


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