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shabby chic wall art

As soon as I pinned this awesome shabby chic wall art idea on pinterest I was on the lookout for a wrought iron style rubber doormat. It only took about 3 months, but I found one at Homesense for $12 and I was really excited to bring it home.

I sprayed painted the first coat (a pretty thin coat as I used up what was left in the can) in bright white and after it had dried I sprayed a second coat in my antique white spray paint. I use the Krylon brand in a satin finish.

I let it dry over night, to make sure I didn’t rush it (like I normally would) and the next morning I took my sanding block to the paint. I was pleasantly surprised how easily the paint started to chip and sand off. I expected to have to use some elbow grease but it came off with minimal effort and it really does look like an antique wrought iron piece. Because the mat is actually rubber it has some decent weight to it and I did have to secure it with a few picture hooks to make sure it doesn’t just fall off the wall.

I hung ours in our front entry way and it makes a great addition to the rest of the decor in our home. I love its shabby chicness and once I find a suitable table for the entry way (ssshhhhh don’t tell my husband) I will make sure to style it and take some really great pics of the whole area.

This is a great project that has a lot of bang for your buck…if your into shabby chic;)

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