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diy kitchen towels

I seem to hoard fabric. I see a print I love and I buy a metre before I even know what to do with it.

I have been storing this fabric for over a year now. Originally I bought it to make a quilt for the new baby (who is turning 1 very shortly) but never got around to using it for that purpose. When we cleaned our yellow couch and I began adding pops of yellow in our home decor I remembered I had this stuff and decided to pair it up with my left over terry cloth (originally purchased to make a million burp clothes when we were expecting our first…and I made a million burp clothes but I still have at least 4 metres of this stuff leftover).

I don’t measure things very well so all I did was place a kitchen towel over the fabric and terry and cut around it, leaving 1/2 an inch excess for the seam. Sewed around the edge with right sides together, leaving a small opening to allow me to flip the fabric inside out and again sewed around the edge.

I added the yellow buttons, because they look cute, and because our youngest loves the crawl up to the stove and pull down my towels just to crawl away again. Fastening the towel to the stove saves me picking up towels multiple times a day.

For the buttons I measured out where I wanted the buttons to be placed (the towel is 16.5 inches wide, so I simply split it into 3, marked and snipped the button holes with scissors). I then hand sewed the buttons to the other end of the towel.

Because I love this fabric so much I also made myself a little square of it to line the cake stand I use for my dishsoap and sponges. I used the same technique other than I used a smaller piece, again I just eyeballed it.

I think it adds a nice pop of color to the kitchen and I still have some fabric leftover….


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