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some diy decorative balls

As part of my spring mantel I wanted to incorporate decorative balls. They are normally pretty pricey if you are buying them in stores and I had a couple of ideas that literally cost pennies.

To add a green element to some of the balls I opted to cover them in moss. I picked up 2 different sizes of styrofoam balls, a bag of moss (left over from my topiary project)  pulled out my glue gun and started gluing. With the moss, I worked in small sections and it took a little bit of time but the end result is really pretty and fresh looking.

diy moss balls

The second style I made was a jute twine wrapped ball. I started my making a disk of rolled twine and adhering the disk (with hot  glue) to one end of the styrofoam ball. This makes it easy to start wrapping the twine around the ball.

the start of the twine ball

I then started winding the twine around the ball and I added dabs of hot glue as I went. I made sure not to wrap the twine too tightly, the looser you can wrap the better the coverage on the styrofoam ball.

jute twine wrapped balls

I originally wanted to display them in a large apothecary jar I have, but once I had made them I found they looked better displayed in a shallow scalloped dish. I also added a hand painted teal Xmas ball that I received as a Xmas gift from work…it adds just a pop of color that I love.

This was a super cheap and super easy project. My only advice is to keep a bowl of cold water handy, I burned my fingertips a couple of times while working with the moss. Checkmark on the 2nd element of my new spring mantel:)


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