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diy topiaries

Now that valentine’s day is over, its time to revamp my mantel (again). This time I wanted to do something fresh and springlike, even though it’s still technically February and not yet “spring”.

I have always loved and wanted topiaries (both real and faux). I love them flanking a doorway, on mantels pretty much everywhere I see them but I have always hesitated because they are pretty expensive. Well, I came up with a $4 solution (for 2 of them, yes I said $4).

I headed over to Dollarama and picked up my supplies.

– styrofoam balls

-2 – 5′ lengths of wired fake ivy

– a bag of moss

– 2 small terracotta pots

I started by cutting the 5′ length of ivy into 3 equal pieces, and pulled out my hot glue gun. I inserted the tip (the wire makes it easy to insert) into the foam and started working my way around the ball, glueing as I went. Once the first piece was adhered onto the ball I then went back and glued the leaves down, to fill the white space up. I did the same to the 2nd piece of length and once all the leaves were glued down I found that I just needed to cut the individual leaves off the 3rd strand and I glued them into the white spaces, to fill the whole ball with leaves.

I then wrapped dowels (left over from my cake decorating classes…before my wedding) in brown floral tape. To add a bit of interest, I made “vines” by twisting the floral tape to create a string, and I winded that around the dowel. I inserted the dowel into the topiary ball and went onto creating the pots.

I spray painted the terracotta pots with my antique white spray paint and after it was dry I added a pop of color by painting the inside lip of the pot with Martha Stewart’s acrylic craft paint in Sea Glass and added some touches of it on the pot itself as well. Once that was dry I went over the blue streaks (on the outside of the pot) with white acrylic paint and once that was dry (it sounds like a lot of steps but it the paint dries really quickly) I sanded the pots down to age them a bit and cut a piece of floral foam to fit snuggly inside. I inserted the dowel & topiary and hot glued some moss to the top of the floral foam to cover it up.

The finished product is so cute and I can’t get over how cheap it was to do. Despite all the steps it actually took very little time. I managed to finish both topiaries (and a couple other projects…soon to be revealed) all within the boys nap time (about 2 hours).

So step one of my spring mantel is finished. Stay tuned for my finished spring mantel:)


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