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diy old school ruler growth chart

When I was about to have my first baby, Spencer is now almost 2 1/2 now, I made a mental list of all the things I was going to religiously keep track of. Milestones written in his baby book, artwork he’s created, hand & foot prints, height, weight….the list was endless. This was stemmed from the fact that my parents didn’t keep records of those types of things, not that they weren’t important to them, but most likely because they were just to busy raising 3 kids they just didn’t have the time.

I feel I’ve done a pretty good job keeping up with all the milestones with the exception of a growth chart. My original idea was to apply a growth chart decal like this one.

I originally hesitated because I hated the builder basic matte beige paint in our upstairs hallway and I had planned on repainting. I didn’t want to apply a decal before I had a chance to paint. After we had painted the whole house I hesitated starting one because we plan on moving after I am done nursing school…it would just break my heart to leave the growth marks of my boys behind.

Then I found the perfect solution. A super adorable, movable alternative. A huge old school ruler growth chart.

Off to Home Depot we go. I bought a 1×8 piece of fir that was 6 ‘5″ long (we cut it down to 6 1/4) and a can of Minwax Poly Shades (1 step stain & finish) in Pecan (satin finish).

I applied 1 coat of stain with a good quality brush and let it dry overnight. With my husbands help the next day, we then measured out and marked the foot lines (the longer lines), the halfway marks (medium lines) and the quarter marks (the smallest line). I then painted the lines with black acrylic paint (2 coats). I free-handed the lines, and in retrospect I wish I would have taped them off for more consistency but when I get excited to do a project I tend to skip the tedious steps that I feel will take up too much time.

I then pulled out my foam alpha-numeric stamp set and painted the foam stamps with the black acrylic paint and stamped the numbers next to the foot marks. I did have to do a second coat of paint on the numbers (which I did freehand with an artist paint brush) to make them the same darkness as the lines. We essentially bolted the “ruler” to the wall (my husband didn’t feel that a regular picture mount would be secure enough to ensure our little Oliver couldn’t pull it down) but I like how industrial the bolts look.

diy old school ruler growth chart

The finished product is amazing (if I do say so myself;) It looks great, practical and we can finally start keeping track of our kids growing… without any hesitation.


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