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Bear Hugs and Kisses – a toddler valentine’s treat

I love my kids going to a home daycare for several reasons but one of my favorite reasons is sending them with holiday treats for every holiday that seems to roll around. I always wanted an excuse to make cute little packets of goodies to give away (and a couple of birthday parties a year isn’t enough to squelch my need to make them).

I mostly try to make the goodies I give away edible, as a mom of 2 boys (under 3) I personally can only tolerate so many tiny trinket toys that just end up being slobbered on by my 10 month old (and that’s only if it’s not a choking hazard), so I would like to think an edible give-away is preferred by everyone.

So this is what I came up with for a valentine’s day treat for the kiddies at daycare.

bear hugs & kisses treat bags

I used zip close baggies I found in the valentine’s section of Dollarama, and filled them with teddy grahams and Hershey’s kisses. I then made my hand stamped labels (last years valentine’s dsp, curly label punch backed in pool party dsp) and of course, added some very cute baker’s twinein a pretty little bow.

I know the little tots at the boys daycare will love the treats, you can’t go wrong when you give a group of toddlers cookies and some chocolate.


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