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tinted bail jar

In an effort to add pops of teal and yellow throughout our main living space (we have an open concept “great room”) I decided to try diy tinting some vases and a bail jar to place on top of our kitchen cupboards.

I found a tutorial on how to do it with supplies I already had on hand. Modge podge and food colouring. That’s it. In the tutorial, her vases came out a beautiful teal color and that’s exactly the color I was going for.

So I poured in my modge podge (about 1/4 of a cup), 2 drops blue food colouring (the liquid kind) and 1 drop green food coloring and a little bit of water (like maybe 1 tbsp). I swirled the mixture inside of the vessel and then poured out the excess into the next vase. With the original amount of modge podge mix I managed to fully coat the inside of 2 vases and 1 large bail jar.

I then placed them in the oven and set it on the lowest setting I could (on our oven that’s 300 degrees F.) and they baked for approx. 45 min (until I noticed the went from opaque to clear). I turned off the oven but left the vases in to cool.

The finished product on the bail jar…cute. Not quite as “teal” as I had hoped but in retrospect I added too much water to thin it out. I would perhaps only add a tsp. next time. On the vases….fail. I think the modge podge mix was too thin for the vases and it seemed to pool in the bottom and then bubbled up during the curing process.

I have displayed the bail jar next to my store-bought teal bottle on top of my cabinets but the vases are due for another “coloring” project. I suppose not every diy project is a winner, but all trials are learning experiences and I’ve learned from this one. On to the next:)


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