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paper heart wreath tutorial

As part of my valentine’s day decor, I made a heart-shaped wreath out of last year’s Stampin’ Up! valentine’s designer series paper. I bought the paper from the clearance rack and quickly started thinking of ways to use it. Pinterest seems to be my inspiration for most things these days, and of course the heart-shaped wreath was a pin I came across and I knew the wreath would look great in the dsp I had purchased.

I first cut strips of the paper out, 1 inch wide and about 5 inches long. With my score board I scored a line at 2.5 inches, for the bottom point of the heart. I then folded in the 2 ends to shape a heart and taped them together with a piece of scotch tape. I made 12 hearts ( I would use more if I were to make one for the door, this one was just a tad too small in scale).

I then placed them in a circle, making sure to vary the pattern and color of the paper hearts, and began taping them together with a little piece of tape. You’ll see where the tape should go once you create a circle shape out of the paper hearts.

I then placed a coordinating ribbon in between 2 hearts at the half way mark (I left 6 hearts in between the ribbon), making sure it was the right length to hang on the door (at the time). I adhered the ribbon with another piece of tape. I liked using the scotch tape because it’s essentially clear, without being shiny and its easier to use then messing around with a scrapbook tape roll. The wreath will fall into an oval shape naturally after you hang it up, unless you use a pretty stiff paper, in which case it might stay a circle.

Once done, I sat back and smiled on how simple, fast and pretty this valentine’s day wreath was to make. When it comes to crafts, I like quick and simple. I need the instant gratification of a pretty craft.


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