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ombre kitchen art

I recently jumped on the ombre bandwagon and created myself some kitchen art with the effect. Just to clarify, “ombre” literally means graduation in French and refers to the dark to light fade of color. It seems most popular in hair coloring right now, but you can see the color fade effect in home decor, cake decorating, pretty much everywhere. If your really curious, just check out pinterest, it’s littered with images of wedding cakes, ruffled skirts, throw pillows….it goes on and on.

I started out with a 12×16 canvas that I picked up from Dollarama. I spelled out words with chipboard that I purchased from Stampin’ Up!‘s clearance rack and glued them down with regular craft glue. I admit I liked the look of just the plain chipboard letters on the canvas and thought about just leaving it at this stage but I pressed on.

I then pulled out my acrylic paint (yellow and white) and started from the bottom, painting the word EAT in white and moved my way up, each word got a squeeze more of yellow paint until I reached the top. Bon appetit was painted in just the straight yellow.

The chipboard absorbed quite a bit of the paint so I ended up doing 3 coats before moving onto the next word and I also had to touch up the canvas where my brush accidentally touched the canvas, but once dry you can’t see any of the touch ups from the floor looking up at the artwork (even though it seems apparent in the photos…oops).

It’s exactly what the kitchen needed to infuse a little more color and a great start to me introducing teal and yellow as accents on the main floor.


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