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another feathery friend

So along with my poultry art love, I have fallen in love with the ever so popular Owl. If you haven’t noticed, they are everywhere from nursery decor to mantels and we too have a couple in our home now.

One has been with us for a couple of years. I loved him instantly. It was given to us(actually our oldest son, when he was only a couple months old) when my husband’s beloved Aunt Ruth passed. It was a ceramic art piece (actually a piggy bank) she had made many many years before. He is just perfect and was the inspiration for the colors we chose for Spencer’s “big boy” room (bright blue with orange, brown and green accents).

When I saw Teal and Lime’s Ceremic Owl Makeover I said to myself ” I have to have one”. Being frugal like I am, I briefly entertained the thought of repurposing the owl in Spencer’s room, but it does have sentimental value (not that I am terribly sentimental, but still) so I nixed that idea. Besides, he would have been too small in scale for our mantel.

I kept my eyes peeled and after a fun afternoon at a flee market with some freinds I found “my owl”. He was hideous and actually quite scary but I remembered the quote “But I saw past his flaws to what he could be” from Teal and Lime’s post.

A few sprays from a can of antique white spray paint later, he’s fabulous and looks great on our mantel. Much better then the horrific emerald green glaze that he wore before. Its amazing what spray paint can do…or paint in general.



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