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January 28, 2012

ombre kitchen art

I recently jumped on the ombre bandwagon and created myself some kitchen art with the effect. Just to clarify, “ombre” literally means graduation in French and refers to the dark to light fade of color. It seems most popular in hair coloring right now, but you can see the color fade effect in home decor, cake decorating, pretty much everywhere. If your really curious, just check out pinterest, it’s littered with images of wedding cakes, ruffled skirts, throw pillows….it goes on and on.

I started out with a 12×16 canvas that I picked up from Dollarama. I spelled out words with chipboard that I purchased from Stampin’ Up!‘s clearance rack and glued them down with regular craft glue. I admit I liked the look of just the plain chipboard letters on the canvas and thought about just leaving it at this stage but I pressed on.

I then pulled out my acrylic paint (yellow and white) and started from the bottom, painting the word EAT in white and moved my way up, each word got a squeeze more of yellow paint until I reached the top. Bon appetit was painted in just the straight yellow.

The chipboard absorbed quite a bit of the paint so I ended up doing 3 coats before moving onto the next word and I also had to touch up the canvas where my brush accidentally touched the canvas, but once dry you can’t see any of the touch ups from the floor looking up at the artwork (even though it seems apparent in the photos…oops).

It’s exactly what the kitchen needed to infuse a little more color and a great start to me introducing teal and yellow as accents on the main floor.

January 26, 2012

family message center

When I first came upon pinterest, like many newbies, I was so overjoyed and overwhelmed at the same time I hardly knew what to do with myself. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, fantastic diy ideas, home decor, great recipes, beautiful things in general. My mini mental vacation.

One of the first ideas I ever pinned was a diy dry erase message board made out of a picture frame. My jaw literally dropped at the simple idea of using the glass as the dry erase board. Why hadn’t I ever thought of that before? Well, that’s what pinterest is for. A place where great minds share great ideas.

So I went out to Dollarama, bought myself a black frame (for an 8×10 matted pic) and made myself a dry erase board.  I had originally backed it with some christmas themed scrapbook paper for the holidays and that’s the magic of a picture frame, you can change it as often as you like.

Once it was up I didn’t love the shape of the frame, in black next to the new paint color on the walls, so I sprayed it with an antique white spray paint. Instead of going for a 3rd coat I decided I liked the “antique” look of the black just showing through on the edges so I only did 3 coats. I then backed it with a natural canvas (from the scrapbook paper section in Michaels) and put it up.

I stood back and looked at it and it was still missing something. Inspired by a card (this years christmas card, cased from Heather Summers) I made myself some bunting out of leftover teal, and yellow scrapbook paper and my favorite Stampin’ Up product right now, Pool Party bakers twine. The pennants were punched out with my pennant punch and strung up. So pretty.

Thank you pinterest:)

January 23, 2012

another feathery friend

So along with my poultry art love, I have fallen in love with the ever so popular Owl. If you haven’t noticed, they are everywhere from nursery decor to mantels and we too have a couple in our home now.

One has been with us for a couple of years. I loved him instantly. It was given to us(actually our oldest son, when he was only a couple months old) when my husband’s beloved Aunt Ruth passed. It was a ceramic art piece (actually a piggy bank) she had made many many years before. He is just perfect and was the inspiration for the colors we chose for Spencer’s “big boy” room (bright blue with orange, brown and green accents).

When I saw Teal and Lime’s Ceremic Owl Makeover I said to myself ” I have to have one”. Being frugal like I am, I briefly entertained the thought of repurposing the owl in Spencer’s room, but it does have sentimental value (not that I am terribly sentimental, but still) so I nixed that idea. Besides, he would have been too small in scale for our mantel.

I kept my eyes peeled and after a fun afternoon at a flee market with some freinds I found “my owl”. He was hideous and actually quite scary but I remembered the quote “But I saw past his flaws to what he could be” from Teal and Lime’s post.

A few sprays from a can of antique white spray paint later, he’s fabulous and looks great on our mantel. Much better then the horrific emerald green glaze that he wore before. Its amazing what spray paint can do…or paint in general.


January 19, 2012

I heart my kitchen rooster

I am not sure when my obsession for chickens and roosters started but I’ve been fond of them for a long time…especially in kitchen decor.

If it wasn’t for my level-headed husband who quite often “pulls me back” in the decor area I am sure that my kitchen would be littered with statues, serving dishes, and pictures of my fine feathered friend. I will also admit I have romanticized the notion of having my own live collection of chickens, at my French countryside cottage….along with some goats and sheep.

I do try to sneak in some poultry decor items every once in a while, my white porcelain chicken & rooster salt and pepper shakers  are so cute and no matter the occasion they are always welcome to adorn my table. Prior to painting the house Driftwood Grey , I had painted picture of a few chickens and a rooster pecking at some grass in very Van Gogh style, but after the paint job the colors in the painting just didn’t flatter the paint on the wall.

While browsing Apartment Therapy one morning I found an article on kitchen art and came across my new love. Le Coq. He was perfect and I quickly thought of how I could recreate him.

I recreated him using cardstock, cutting out all the pieces and assembled them to make him the size I needed (poster sized). Instead of cutting out the white rectangular pieces for his chest I used an exacto knife and cut out the rectangular pieces out of the red cardstock. He turned out better than I thought and is a welcome addition to my kitchen.

I knew I didn’t want to back him onto just white paper, I envisioned a linen or some sort of textured fabric but in my laziness I never made it to the fabric store. So as an experiment I simply turned over the poster frame insert and to my delight it was the same shade as linen. He looked fantastic against the linen shade so I closed it up and my husband mounted him into the wall.

I am so happy with the end result and with the money saved. All in (supplies and poster frame, which I got on sale 55% off) I spent $25. A steal for a substantial piece of art for a kitchen.