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Apple Cider Mulling Spices…in homemade teabags!

I recently rediscovered my love of apple cider. It’s funny how you can forget how much you truly enjoy something until you come across it again and it reignited your love of it. This is especially true of apple cider for me, I guess because it is a seasonal drink and ’tis the season’.

So I took my “apple cider love” as inspiration for another homemade gift. I decided to create apple cider mulling spices packets. I took a look online and on pinterest (I heart pinterest) for recipes and packaging ideas and came up with some tasty sounding recipes for the mulling spices but lacked any cute packaging ideas. Most recipes I found had the spices just loosely tossed into a container and you had to strain the cider once it was done cooking.

I decided to make apple cider “tea bags”. Each tea bag has 1/2 recipe of the required mulling spices for the recipe below and is easy to remove from the cider once it’s done. Leaving you with a yummy pot of goodness.

Stuff needed to make the individual mulling spice packets:

– cheese cloth tea bag

I sewed a 2.5″x3″ square, 2 ply, and left the top end open for filling. When filled, I sewed the end closed, folding  the opposite way, creating a triangular-shaped tea bag. I trimmed the excess edges off.

-12 cloves

-12 allspice berries

-1/2 ” piece of orange rind

-1 star anise

-1 cinnamon stick (broken in 1/2)

– 12 pink peppercorns

Once filled and closed, I loaded the spice packets into a decorative jar (8 packets/ jar fit nicely) that seals closed ,to preserve the freshness of the spices, and created a label card with the recipe for Apple Cranberry Cider.

Apple Cranberry Cider Recipe

2 mulling spice packets

4 cups apple juice

2 cups cranberry juice

simmer on med. heat for 30-45 minutes. Remove spice packets and serve. Enjoy!

The Apple Cranberry Cider is delicious, perfectly spicy and sweet and very pretty served with some fresh cranberries floating in the cup. Bonus: the intoxicating smell that fills your home while it simmers….to die for.

This is going to be wonderful to sip while watching the kids tear through gifts on christmas:)

Love & Thanks


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