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yummy christmas smells…diy trivets

The christmas before my wedding (we got married on news years eve) I recieved the most useful handmade gift from a co-worker at my last job. Its a holiday scented trivet (cinnamon and cloves) and to this day I pull this baby out as soon as the weather gets crisp. I have a weakness for spicy christmas scents…anything with even a faint smell of cloves or cinnamon makes me melt.

So this year, as hostess gifts for some wonderful friends who host holiday parties, I decided to make some scented trivets with my left over Candy Cane Christmas fabric. I’ve really stretched this stuff out, not only making stockings but now 4 trivets…best deal ever.

I cut out an 8”x8” square (from both the candy cane christmas and the red fabric), put right sides together and sewed the 3 edges closed. I also finished the seams on the last edge, but left it open, for filling. I flipped the pocket inside out and sewed it into 3 compartments.

I filled my trivets with a spice mixture of whole cloves, crushed cinnamon sticks, dried orange rind and rice (approx. 4 tbsp spice mix with 1/2 c. rice). Once filled (I filled the pockets 3/4 full) I sewed the 2 seams closed.

The smell is amazing, and once you put a hot pot on it, the whole room fills with the devine smell of holiday spices. I hope my hostess friends enjoy them as much as I do, 3 years later I’m still using mine and I’ve kept one of the 4 I made for myself…teehee.


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