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Diy throw pillows…updating our “look”

We’ve recently repainted our entire house. Its a project I have thought about starting for over 3 years now but never had the guts to actually start, mostly due to our vaulted ceilings in our front entry, which was challenging but we finally did it . The end result is miraculous (compared to the color blocking  of dark teal, chocolate brown and tan we had previously in builder basic matte paint) and so refreshing.

I feel like now, after 4 years of being in our home, I can style it in a way that represents me. We’ve painted the whole house a fantastic shade of blue-grey, Martha Stewart’s Driftwood Grey and I have always loved the combination of blue-grey, white and red accents. Its the perfect mix (for me) of an updated neutral with bold accents. I have a feeling I will be changing the color accents as the seasons change (I have ants in my pants and I don’t like keeping things the same for too long) but for now red is where I want to be (perfect for the holidays!)

At a recent trip to the fabric store (to get fabric to make slip covers for our dark brown “cracked” pleather parsons chairs) I took a peek into the remnants bin and found myself some red remnants, a deep red Shantung silk, bright red felt and a cherry red poly blend (buy 1 get 2 free…great deal! I spent $7 total). I immediately knew what I wanted to do with the felt, make a ruffled felt throw pillow. I don’t remember exactly where I saw my original inspiration for the felt pillow but here is a link to a tutorial.

I heart felt ruffle pillows

I love the pop of color the pillows bring to the great room, slowly its transforming to a space that represents my taste. I even had left over fabric to make some stockings (together with a Stampin’Up! christmas fabric I recently bought during the online extravaganza sale, I’ll post on those later).


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