June 10, 2012

House tour

Long time no post, but with the craziness that came over our home in the last month, I just had no time for blog posts.

We sold our home recently, and are now in the process of finding and bidding on a new home. The real estate market in our city is insane, with most homes on the market going into bidding wars and selling for (on average) $20 000 over asking price, its been and continues to be a very stressful process.

I thought, with our home being staged for showings, I would take advantage of its pristine state and takes pics and post a current home tour. Although the move for us is necessary and equally exciting I am a tad sad to be leaving our current house. Finally, after 4 years it reflects me and my taste perfectly. Its pretty and feminine, which is what I have always loved in decor but it look a long time to finally figure out my personal decor style. Typical that it all came together right before listing our home, but that seems to always be the case with me;)

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May 3, 2012

french chair upholstery project part 2

Once the fabric panels were off the chair and I removed any straggling staples, I cleaned the exposed wood with vinegar and paper towels. This magical step will bring out the “old” smell of a chair this age and I gagged a couple of times, but it’s really effective in cleaning the wood in preparation for primer and paint.

I used Zinsser Bin Primer. All the tutorials I have come across that involve painting wood all recommend Zinsser Primer. I am going to tell you that prior to this project, I have never ever used a primer to prep wood and this stuff has changed my mind about primers. Its amazing. It covers really well, dried quickly and left a really nice matte finish (which I considered leaving but decided to press on). I then used my bright white Martha Stewart outdoor/indoor latex paint. Now that the wood was painted (and very bright white) I moved onto the upholstering.

Since I only had my crappy staple gun (I couldn’t at the time find our good industrial one) I decided to purchase an upholstery hammer. This is an invaluable tool when upholstering. It allowed me to hammer in the staples nice and tight through the fabric and into the wood and I felt the fabric was really secure. Plus it was cheap…so thats a bonus.

I used the old fabric panels as templates for cutting the new fabric, and I left 3/4 of an inch allowance around the edge of the new panels. When I took off the old panels I took note of what panels needed to be put back on in what order. This is pretty much common sense but I would suggest writing it down, if you mess up the order it makes it difficult to upholster the different sections. Here is the order of the fabric panels for my style of chair:


-bottom front and bottom of seat

-sides (which needed to be basted to the back panel so I had to leave the back edge open and unstapled)

-back (I did not recreate the button tufts, for a cleaner more modern look)

-back of chair (I had to baste the sides to the side edges of the side panels)

When upholstering a chair you want to staple your panel in the middle of the fabric and work out, pulling it slightly to get a nice taut finish without any creases. I would then trim the excess allowance as close to the staples as I could get.

Once all the panels were on the chair it was time for the trim. I had purchased  E-6000 adhesive for its super strong hold and figured this was what I needed to adhere my trim, to cover the seams of the fabric panels, to the chair. This DID NOT WORK. The directions on the tube say you need to apply the glue and let it cure for 2 minutes before adhering the trim. After the 2 minute curing time I found that I had to hold the trim in place for about 5 minutes before I felt it was adhered properly. I quickly grew tired of this and decided my handy hot glue gun was a better option for adhering the trim to the chair. Quick and easy, I got the trim on the whole chair in 5 minutes.

I then took the fabric off the cushion, took it apart and cut the templates for the cushion cover and sewed the new cushion cover together. I skipped adding the piping because I was lazy and I just wanted the chair to be finished at this point. Plus I didn’t feel like making piping, which would have meant I would have to go out and purchase more fabric because I didn’t have had enough at home. Bah….looks ok to me without the piping.

All in all this project was exhausting. It took a lot longer then I thought (and I knew it was going to take a while). I love the end result, and I will upholster it in a more modern pattern, like my beloved trellis pattern, in the future (distant) but for now the chair suits our living room and serves a great purpose… much-needed extra seating.

My advice for anyone looking to upholster a chair. 1. Take lots of pics while you are taking your chair apart, this was a great reference as I was working. 2. Use a primer if you plan on painting wood. 3. Choose a safe random pattern or solid fabric if you are new to upholstery. Upholstering a chair is a lot of work and its a lot easier when you aren’t concerned with which way the pattern is going or if its lining up properly.

If I can upholster a chair, anyone can. Just make sure you have the right tools for the job and you do lots of research on how to upholster your specific style of chair.

May 1, 2012

french chair upholstery project

A few months back, I was offered an old french chair from my father-in-law. I was utterly delighted when he offered it to me…I love the look of an old chair upholstered with new fabric and the wood painted out white. I have a soft spot for painted wood, I prefer it in almost every instance where the options are wood vs. painted wood. It’s the shabby chic lover in me.


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April 25, 2012

framed fabric art

I desperately wanted to use up the fantastic fabric I used to make my envelope pillow covers so I chose to frame it and use it as art in our master bedroom.

I knew I wanted the frames to be pretty large in scale, I wanted the frames to sit above our headboard which is up against a large (bare until now) wall in our bedroom. I came across the perfect frames for the job at a local Salvation Army. I found 2 identical thin brass frames, framing some random art but I saw past the brass and the landscape art and took note of the size of the frames. I knew they would look great with some slight modifications.

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April 22, 2012

2 tone painted mdf letters

Last summer I purchased raw mdf letters to spell out Oliver’s name at a local farmer’s market. I had planned on placing them on the wall but for almost a year I was at a loss on how to finish them. I toyed with the idea of decoupaging them with scrapbook paper but never got around to choosing a paper pattern that I would be happy with.

I recently decided to change the color scheme of Oliver’s nursery (we kept the pale aqua blue paint, from when it was Spencer’s nursery, but didn’t love the sage green accents I chose shortly after Oliver was born). I decided to accent the aqua with navy blue and yellow accessories. Its fresh looking and the yellow is very happy against the navy and aqua.

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April 16, 2012

nursery wall mural

When I was pregnant with my first son (who is now 2 1/2) I had so much spare time I decided I wanted to paint a wall mural at the same level as his dresser/changetable…you know, so he had something to stare at while I changed his bum.


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April 10, 2012

little mister party

Oliver’s birthday has come and gone and the lucky little man got to celebrate with 2 parties, one for family and one for his pint-sized friends.

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April 8, 2012


The Easter bunny was kind enough to pay us a visit this morning and drop some Easter eggs filled with treats on our lawn.

I had bought some plastic fillable Easter eggs and filled them with stickers, bubbles, chocolate eggs, and play dough and scattered them around our yard for the boys to find. The Easter egg hunt wasn’t something that I did as a kid, but my husband did and its a tradition I was eager to start for my kids. I fun and active and the look on Spencer’s face when he found the first couple of eggs was priceless.

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April 4, 2012

party decor – tissue paper pom poms

For Oliver’s parties, I made some tissue paper pom poms and hung them off our dining room light.

I have made them before, courtesy of Martha Stewart, for other parties and when we expected Oliver to come out a girl (we were pretty convinced until he came out a boy…go figure) I had made several in 2 shades of pink and red and had planned on creating a chandelier/mobile out of them for the nursery. Fast forward a year and here I am, making more tissue paper pom poms…in teal blue and white instead of pink and red.


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April 1, 2012

Oliver is one

Our Oliver turns 1 tomorrow and despite the joyous occasion, as with my birthdays(I just hate getting older) and Spencer’s, I always seem to be a little sad knowing that another year has gone by and my babies are getting older.

Spencer was only 18 months old when Oliver was born, and like any parents introducing a newborn to a busy toddler, we were worried about his reaction to his baby brother and if any jealousy would arise. We were extremely lucky that Spencer never ever showed any jealousy or anger towards Olli or us. We were so overjoyed with his genuine loving first response towards Oliver that Jon (my husband) posted it on his blog and I thought I would share the link and some tips for anyone introducing a new addition to an older sibling.

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